our values

We believe that the best engineers are versatile engineers. Overspecialization fractures the thinking process and compromises the capability to solve difficult problems and the ability to come up with solutions that combine multidisciplinary approaches.

As a result we encourage our associates to get involved with all our projects, with no official hierarchy. A traditional pyramid organogram stifles creativity by making it difficult for ideas that are born at the lower levels to reach production, as more often than not they will be considered too radical somewhere on the way up. Instead leadership is left to emerge inside the team depending on the task at hand and the strengths and capabilities of each member.

We strive to provide a free, open and supportive work environment: Associates are left to act as they see best. Radical approaches are encouraged. Unconventional solutions are welcome. Problems are discussed and jointly tackled. Shoulder lending is a must.

With these principles as our guide, we engage each project with enthusiasm, as if it were our first.

project management


verb | sup·port | \sə-ˈpȯrt\

to promote the interests of,
to assist, to help, to bear all
of the weight of...

We support you. We have been intimately involved with every aspect of civil and structural engineering for more that forty years. We have experience that spans from one end of the engineering spectrum to the other. This didn't just happen; we made it happen. Engineering and problem solving is an addiction. We are addicted to and talented at both.

We will manage your project as if it were ours. We are more than willing to go beyond our scope and bear the weight of your problems. We will support you. With our in house expertise and our network of tried and tested associates, we cover everything any project needs either anticipated, or unexpected: Project management, Architectural, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Environmental, Acoustical, Geotechnical, Costing, Tendering and even, if needed, financial and business. And if by any chance we don't have the expert to do it, it's our job to find him. Just knock and tell us your dream. Or your problem. And leave it with us.