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demetriou engineering ltd (d-e) is an engineering firm established in 1984. Our projects span a wide spectrum of structures and include structural design of inverted steel pyramids, high-rises, telephone antenna masts, project management of luxury yacht docking facilities, and advanced geotechnical modelling of metro tunnels. These special structures require cutting edge technology and that is why we're not afraid to innovate. We take on projects in the sectors of project management and structural analysis, design and supervision and we build part of the software we need ourselves. We strongly believe in the human potential and we encourage our employees to take initiatives and be creative.

We are currently looking to expand our team with the following professionals:

Structural Engineer

If you are a Structural Engineer with a university degree, you are proficient in spoken and written English and have some basic knowledge of python or java we'd love to get to know you better. You will have to tackle interesting engineering problems in old and new structures all over Greece and abroad.

Daily tasks at the office include answering the phone, modelling and designing structures, drafting, writing reports and meeting with clients and/or associates. We believe engineers should be versatile and that they are incredibly efficient when they do any task. Consequently, we do not have dedicated draftsmen, secretarial personnel or IT department. You are expected to be able to handle yourself well in all the above sectors.

You will work from our office in Ampelokipi but field trips to construction sites or clients' offices will be required. The job is full time and full social security is provided.

Systems adminstrator

If you are a systems administrator and you speak and write English fluently we'd love to learn more about you.

Day to day

The job includes managing our internet facing server, the internal office server and a small asterisk installation, as well as maintenance and upgrades of office computer equipment, archiving and backup. We are always trialling new technologies to improve our work and this oftentimes requires research and development in the information technology sector. We're trying to use Open Source Software as much as possible and reporting issues to upstream projects will be part of your responsibilities.


You will have to keep our owncloud installation up to date, install and otherwise manage owncloud apps, keep the instance backed up and make sure that the backup is easily accessible in case of emergency. You will also have to keep our asterisk setup functioning and occasionally set up new lines or forwarding. You will also be responsible for setting up workstations, archiving old projects and running major operating system updates once in a while.


You will have to be familiar with the linux command line and have basic scripting knowledge in order to manage backups and other scheduled jobs. Programming knowledge is optional but strongly encouraged.

Social Media Marketer

We need you to keep our social media timelines up to date and manage our ad campaigns. You will have to interview your colleagues daily to get up to speed with current projects, identify interesting subjects and create tweets and status updates along with scouting the web for interesting material around our profession and re-posting them. You will also have to respond to customer enquiries via social media and create timelapse videos or other promotional material.

If you are proficient in English, know your way around Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, like image and video editing and want to work in a firm that wants to keep up to date with marketing and social media practices, we'd like to get to know you.

The job can be full time or part time and full social security is provided. We do not believe overworked professionals are productive ones so overtime is very limited and vacation is always respected.

Recruitment Process

Be prepared for a long interview that involves writing a small report for a fictional case study, a few lines of code solving a tedious engineering problem and some shadowing with one of our associates. We believe that this extended contact will allow us and you, to make sure we are a good fit.

How to apply

Just send us an email at with your resume, a little bit about yourself and what makes you tick.